My circus journey began in March 2012 when I attended an aerial tester class in Somerville MA. It was a match made in heaven and I was immediately hooked on everything circus. I spent the next four years training recreationally at several studios in the Boston area. In July of 2015 I was admitted into the Professional Preparatory Program at Esh Circus Arts in Somervillle MA. The program was designed to help dedicated circus students develop their technical, choreographic, and performance skills in their chosen discipline. For the next year and a half I trained fifteen hours per week while also working a full time job. In February 2017 all my hard work payed off when I auditioned for and was accepted into the New England Center for Circus Arts PROTrack Mastery of Circus Arts in Performing Program.  This full time training program is the oldest dedicated circus training program in the United Sates and is one of the most respected. I completed the first year of the program in June 2018 with a final performance in cyr wheel. I’m currently completing year two of the PROTrack program with a major in aerial rope and a minor in cyr wheel.