Nicole Londraville is a versatile and charismatic performer known for explosive strength and thrilling dynamic movement. She delights in captivating audiences with her fast pace style and compelling presence


Primary Disciplines: Vertical Rope (Corde Lisse), and Cyr Wheel

Secondary Disciplines: Aerial Silks, Spanish Web, Partner Acrobatics, and Static Trapeze


PROTrack Mastery of Circus Arts in Performing - New England Center for Circus Arts: 9/2017 - 6/2019

·    Longest running professional training program for circus artists in the United States

·   Focus disciplines in aerial rope and cyr wheel

Professional Preparatory Program – Esh Circus Arts: 6/2015 - 4/2017

·    Part time program designed to develop technical, choreography, and performance skills

·    Focus disciplines included aerial rope, aerial silks, Spanish web and cyr wheel

Esh Circus Arts: 12/2012-9/2017

·    Private lessons, classes, and directed studies in aerial and groundwork

Aircraft Aerial Arts: 3/2012 – 5/2015

·    Private lessons, classes, and directed studies in aerial silks, aerial rope, and flexibility

Univerity of Massacusettes - Bachelors of Science, May 2005


PROTrack Year One Final Presentation, June 2018

  • Solo Cyr Wheel Act, New England Center for Circus Arts

New England Center for Circus Arts Annual Holiday Production, December 2017

  • Group Aerial Silks Act (Choreographed by Molly Graves)

This Is East, East Somerville Street Festival: 10/2015 & 8/2017

  • Performed outdoor ambient silks and rope

Esh Circus Arts 2017 Spring Showcase: 4/2/2017

  • "Leaving the light" Aerial Rope Act (See Gallery for footage)

Esh Circus Arts Advanced Studies Showcase: 7/29/2016

  • "Velocity" Aerial Rope & Spanish Web Act (See Gallery for footage)

Motif No. 1 Day, Street Festival: May 2015 and 2016

  • Performed outdoor aerial silks and aerial rope

Esh Circus Arts Showcase: 10/2015

  • “Insanity” Aerial Rope Act

Monster MashedUp Streets Festival: 10/2015

  • Performed outdoor ambient silks and rope


Assistant Teacher Training Program - Esh Circus Arts

  • Scheduled to begin shadowing classes as the firs phase of the program summer of 2019

Nimble Arts Teacher Training Workshop – Aerial Fabric Foundations Level: 5/14/18-5/15/18

Nimble Arts Teacher Training Workshop - Introduction to Teaching Aerials: 6/18/16 – 6/23/2016


 New England Center for Circus Arts Circus Spectacular Production: March 2018 & 2019

  • Stage hand & up-rgger

 Cirque of the Dead - Boston Circus Guild Production: October 2016

  • Rigging apprentice

Midnight at the Midway - Boston Circus Guild Production: September 2015

  • Stagehand & up-rigger

University of Massachusetts - Bachelors of Science in Biotechnology, May 2005


Available Upon Request